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Issues and Choices, more than any other class offered at Aim High, is about students’ real lives. Bullying, peer pressure, social injustice, racism, college and career aspirations. Our students experience and witness these pressing issues in real-time in their daily lives. We turn these into teachable moments with the urgency and support they require. From group discussions to crafting powerful identity statements, Issues and Choices empowers students with the tools to overcome these challenges. Issues and Choices at Aim High

A Peek at the Curriculum

Topics in our Issues and Choices class include:
  • Exploring Personal Identity
  • Mindfulness and Growth Mindset
  • Stereotypes
  • Gender and Body Image
  • High School Preparation (A-G requirements)
  • College Options
  • Career Exploration
  • Self-Empowerment
College & Career Awareness also is a focus of Issues and Choices because the foundation for higher education is built in middle school. Students visit local colleges, learn about types of colleges, admissions requirements, financial aid, and spend time learning about how education influences career options. Our teachers often reflect candidly on their own educational journey to inspire our middle school students to reach for a dream.

Issues and Choices Up Close: Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement in recent years has given educators across the country a truly teachable moment. We also heeded the call, with our teachers addressing race and discrimination with eighth graders to help them contextualize and understand these ideas. We teach our students to think critically about the background of the movement, and expose them to multiple perspectives and opinions. If there was ever a mandate on teaching at Aim High, it’s to embrace what is timely, topical and REAL to our students. Issues and Choices demands that our curriculum evolves to incorporate what’s going on in society—and better prepare students in doing so.