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Summer Learning That Fuels Lifelong Success

Aim High is a five-week summer enrichment program for rising 6th-9th grade students navigating system barriers in California. Offered at no cost to students and their families for up to four summers, Aim High helps middle schoolers build academic confidence, discover a love of learning, and develop the skills they need to thrive in school and in life.

A Different Kind of Classroom

At Aim High, small classes and nurturing teachers ensure that every student’s voice is heard and the space to realize their unique potential. From that supportive footing, students explore fun and engaging academics and enrichment activities—storytelling, designing, experimenting, diving into current events, performing—that capture their curiosity and spark a lifelong love of learning.

Summer 2022 Program

Curriculum to Engage Challenge Motivate Grow

A mix of rigorous academics, social-emotional learning, and enriching electives, our standards-aligned curriculum reinforces what students learn in school and prepares them for the year ahead.

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We make learning fun with our activities

Design Challenge

This class incorporates multiple subject such as math, science, engineering, English language arts and social studies. Students utilize the design process to develop solutions to a challenge in their community. Through this process, students have the opportunity to build transferable deeper learning skills such as mastery of academic content, critical thinking and problem-solving; collaboration; effective communication; and directing their own learning.

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Book Club

Students read excerpts from stories where they see themselves. Our goal is for students to be challenged and supported both academically and socio-emotionally, so that they end their summer at Aim High feeling more confident in their literacy skills than when they began the program.

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Issues & Choices

Our Issues & Choices class provides a tremendous opportunity for students to explore their identity in conscious ways while lifting voices, sharing stories, and values rooted in identity and pride. The course involves challenging topics relevant to developmental grade level needs and can connect with family, peer interactions, and personal values.

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Future Success

Students explore college and career options available to them, set goals for their future, and identify a pathway to reach these goals. Their pathway will include middle and high school success skills, self-efficacy development and connecting to college access resources.

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Our approach to enrichment activities and field trips complements what students are doing in the classroom—even heightens it. Students participate in a range of activities such as lacrosse, soccer, dance, photography, theater and different forms of student engagement.

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