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Once Aim High, Always Aim High

Whether you attended Aim High in 1986 at our first campus in San Francisco, or graduated last August from our inaugural Aim High at Home program, you are part of an inclusive, vibrant community of thousands of Aim High graduates all around the world.

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Aim High is committed to continuing the magic beyond graduation. We provide a home for alumni to relive the CORE values and be part of a lasting and growing community. Our experiences shape our journeys and it is these personal stories and narratives that make Aim High alumni network distinct. From graduations to promotions, family additions to personal accomplishments, we want to hear what you are up to! Thank you for being a part of the Aim High family.

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Alumni Spotlights

Faheem Carter (06) founded and operates the Bayview Black Organic Farmers Program, whose goal is to heal the Black community’s relationship with food/land, and to ensure access to nutritious and sustainably grown food in Bayview-Hunters Point. Learn his story here.

Malia Cohen (‘92), was recently elected President of the San Francisco Police Commission. Malia is a member of our Ambassador Council and tells us that she wants to inspire young people to work in public service and redefine what it is to be cool. We think she is!

Congratulations to Aliya Chisti (‘02) for her election to San Francisco’s City College Board of Trustees. Aliya is the first Muslim woman to hold public office in the history of San Francisco! Click here to learn more about how Aliya is fighting to make education more accessible and inclusive.