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Our Story

Aim High was founded on the belief that every student has the right to a quality education. In 1986, we launched at one site in San Francisco with just 50 students. Over the last 38 years, we’ve expanded across the Bay Area in every direction, as far as Napa and Tahoe-Truckee. Along the way, thousands of middle schoolers from low-income neighborhoods ignited their love learning while attending our transformative summer enrichment program. Participation in Aim High yields real results—98% of Aim High alumni graduate high school and go on to college.

Our Mission

To increase educational equity by providing joyful, enriching learning experiences for middle school students, aspiring teachers, and experienced educators.

the promise and potential of middle school students from low-income neighborhoods
students for high school, setting them on the path to college and future success
the next generation of teachers and educational leaders

Our Vision

A world where every student and educator receives what they need to reach their full potential.

Core Values

Our CORE values capture a distinctive philosophy about education that influences our teachers, students, parents, and the community. Grounded in the belief that learning should be joyful, engaging, and challenging, these CORE values motivate our daily efforts to create brighter futures.

What is best for students guides our work and priorities.
Showing warmth, kindness, and welcome to colleagues nurtures our relationships.
We cultivate belonging and trust for staff, students, and families/caregivers in alignment with our ADEI commitments.
We partner with investors and organizations who share our values and mission.
We can and do lean on each other for joy, consistently excellent work, and cross team collaboration
We encourage and celebrate bold action outside of our comfort zones.
All results are opportunities for learning and growth.
We proactively seek and offer professional learning opportunities, leadership opportunities, and collaboration to improve skills.
We value the humanity, personal and professional experiences, expertise, and dignity of each of our colleagues.
Kind, honest, and direct communication characterizes all interactions.
Differing opinions and interpretations are welcomed from a place of open curiosity and inclusivity.
We maintain and improve the physical and virtual spaces where we work so we can all thrive.
High Expectations
We continuously expand the edges of our successes.
We hold ourselves accountable to individual, team, and organizational goals.
We embrace a growth mindset with honest reflection and action.