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Teach at Aim High

Our teachers tell us that working at Aim High fuels them. That after five weeks here, they’re reminded of the difference they can make in students’ lives and re-energized for the school year ahead. As part of our teaching team, you’ll spend the summer empowering middle schoolers from low-income neighborhoods and teaching the way you love to teach—innovative curriculum, small classes, supportive community, and endless opportunities to inspire.

Summer 2022 Openings

Innovation Encouraged

Our teachers call Aim High “the laboratory” because it’s a place to experiment with new ways of teaching. We give educators the freedom and flexibility to innovate on our engaging curriculum, tailoring it to meet their students’ specific needs and creating unforgettable learning experiences.

A Community of Committed Educators

Teaching at Aim High means joining a community of dedicated, talented educators from a range of schools and backgrounds. All of our classes are team-taught, creating a truly collaborative environment where teachers readily support, lead, and learn from each other.

Small Classes, Big Impact

Aim High’s student to teacher ratio is 8:1—and that changes everything. With an average of 16 students and two teachers per class, we can practice a personalized approach to teaching, providing in-depth support to students and building strong, positive relationships with each one.

Elevate Your Career

We invest in the professional development of every Aim High teacher. That’s why all of our educators receive a full week of training before the five-week program begins, plus ample collaborative planning time, coaching from site directors and instructional coaches, and real-time feedback throughout the summer. It’s no surprise when their careers thrive. Aim High teaching assistants and interns often develop into seasoned classroom teachers, while teachers gain the leadership skills and experience to become principals and superintendents.

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