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2022 Bay Area Teaching Opportunities

Teach at Aim High Summer 2022!

As part of our teaching team, you’ll spend the summer empowering middle schoolers from low-income neighborhoods and teaching the way you love to teach—innovative curriculum, small classes, supportive community, and endless opportunities to inspire.

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After five weeks of teaching at Aim High, educators are reminded of the difference they can make in students’ lives.

Professional Development
Experience integrative training about current topics using research-backed methods.
Innovative Teaching Methods
Get hands-on access and training from education leaders, including real-time feedback to fast track your success as an educator.
Join a Vibrant Community
Regardless of your experience, Aim High has exciting education opportunities in the classroom.
Teacher Testimonials

What teachers say about Aim High

“Aim High is a great laboratory for teaching. I love that I get to try new ways of connecting and that there's the freedom to experiment with engagement. That has been more urgent this summer than ever.”

Lead Teacher
San Francisco

“Every year, Aim High asks me to stretch and try new things with the support of a positive and thoughtful colleagues and site directors. Aim High reinforces my belief that relationships come first when teaching.”

Assistant Teacher
San Francisco

Aim High provides a full week of professional development before the summer.


of Aim High summer staff who are not professional educators and are considering going into teaching.


of Aim High staff say their experience at Aim High has increased their teaching skills.


of Aim High faculty are bilingual.
2022 Summer Teaching Opportunities

About TEAM Teaching

We bring in educators from a variety of backgrounds and all educational levels to create a unique classroom experience for students and educators alike. From high school students to educators with higher education experience, Aim High annually hires 500+ education staff across Northern California.

Student Support Specialist
For those experienced or interested in educational counseling, this role provides social and emotional support for both students and staff.
Assistant Teacher
Designed for both high school and college students, interested in pursuing higher education as a career. This role helps aspiring educators gain valuable experience while supporting our lead teachers.
Lead Teacher
Designed for educators with prior teaching experience, lead teachers are responsible for adapting curriculum to meet the individual needs of Aim High students, to encourage lifelong learners.
2022 Summer Teaching Opportunity
Bay Area Education

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