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Our Story

Aim High was founded on the belief that every student has the right to a quality education. In 1986, we launched at one site in San Francisco with just 50 students. Over the last 35 years, we’ve expanded across the Bay Area in every direction, as far as Napa and Tahoe-Truckee. Along the way, our transformative summer enrichment program has empowered thousands of middle schoolers from low-income neighborhoods, igniting their love of learning and yielding real results—97% of Aim High alumni graduate high school and go on to college.

A welcoming community where every kid feels seen and supported, Aim High gives students the confidence to succeed in high school and beyond.

Our Mission

Aim High creates life-changing opportunities during the summer and beyond. Our community:

the promise and potential of middle school students from low-income neighborhoods
students for high school, setting them on the path to college and future success
the next generation of teachers and educational leaders

Our Vision

Aim High is committed to closing the opportunity and achievement gaps in Northern California through our transformative summer learning program. We envision every middle school student having access to joyful summer learning, inspired and innovative teachers, and the support they need to succeed in school and life.

Core Values

Our CORE values capture a distinctive philosophy about education that influences our teachers, students, parents, and the community. Grounded in the belief that learning should be joyful, engaging, and challenging, these CORE values motivate our daily efforts to create brighter futures.

As an organization, and in every aspect of our program, we celebrate diversity, teamwork, and successes large and small in order to facilitate a strong sense of belonging. Above all, we believe in making Aim High a place where all of our community members feel empowered, appreciated, and safe.
Take the initiative. Become a leader. Explore the world outside our walls. These are the messages Aim High seeks to impart by offering opportunities for growth to our community members. We actively cultivate a culture of discovering new potential and saying “yes.”
“Put-ups,” not put-downs, are an integral part of Aim High’s culture of positive reinforcement. We value our differences, and we support each other through acts of kindness and encouragement. We have a deep respect for culture, community, and our natural world.
High Expectations
The Aim High experience enables all of our community members to make a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, and to set big goals for the future. We make it a priority to establish a rigorous learning environment, and we expect positive results.