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Every summer, Aim High students are given opportunities to try a wide-range of activities such as sports, dance, theater, robotics, coding, arts and so much more.

New Experiences
New Experiences
Students try new activities that they may not normally be exposed.
Through team sports, students learn collaboration skills.
Stay Active
Stay Active
Students enjoy a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities.

We make summer fun!

Our enrichment activities and field trips are designed to complement and enhance what students learn in the classroom. Afternoon activities offer students the chance to explore and develop new interests and skills in areas such as lacrosse, soccer, dance, photography, and theater. These activities also provide students with a way to relieve stress during the day. Aim High partners with a variety of organizations such as Women Audio Mission, Outward Bound, American Conservatory Theater, and Cardinal Robotics to provide a diverse range of experiences. In addition, every Friday students have the opportunity to participate in field trips to museums, parks, hiking trails, and other local attractions. This helps to broaden their horizons and provide real-world context to their learning.

Aim High creates safe spaces for students to explore and learn how to take healthy risks.
We promote self-awareness while helping students learn to be present.
From field trips to arts and crafts, our activities inspire and engage students’ creativity.
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