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Students read culturally-relevant short stories to further develop their reading, communication, and literacy skills.

Improve Reading Skills
Improve Reading Skills
Research shows increasing the quantity of quality reading improves students’ reading skills and increases their understanding of the world.
Foster Empathy
Foster Empathy
Students gain empathy and understanding of the world from others’ perspectives, while expressing their thoughts and feelings.
Independent Learning
Independent Learning
We foster positive beliefs about learning with students, helping them become independent learners and readers.

Discover the Joy of Reading

Our Humanities course fosters literacy and critical thinking by exploring current issues. Students collaborate, read and discuss diverse texts (e.g. short stories, news articles, graphic novels) to develop informed opinions, devise solutions, and address community challenges. Final products in each class will allow students to demonstrate their learning and understanding in meaningful ways in front of their peers, families and potentially other community members.

Our program aims to help students improve their reading and writing skills and develop a love for learning. In the short term, we want to make reading more engaging and enjoyable, and enhance their comprehension skills. In the long term, our goal is to build their confidence, broaden their perspectives, and prepare them for success in college and beyond. We’re excited to see our Aim High students graduate on time and achieve their dreams, regardless of their backgrounds.

Building Identity
Students see themselves in stories and empower their own voices.
Culturally Relevant Stories
Students read stories that reflect their lived experiences, fostering cultural pride.
Critical Thinking
Students engage in lively discussions and other forms of creative expression.
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